Fava Bean Crostini


Fava Bean Crostini

Spring is finally here!  If you are looking for something delicious and light to serve at your next get together, Chef Erin’s Fava Bean Crostini is the perfect place to start.  This quintessential springtime Hors D’Oeuvre is sure to impress your guests and delight their taste buds.


1 Baguette

Olive Oil

Fresh Basil

2 slices prosciutto parma

2oz Ricotta Salata

1 Lemon


¼ lb Fresh fava beans

Micro Basil


  1. Cut baguette into crostini size pieces
  2. Brush with olive oil, salt and pepper and fresh basil and grill on both sides very gently
  3. Blanch fava beans till tender in boiling salted water (careful not to overcook) to retain color
  4. Drain fava beans; put into food processor and slowly add olive oil until creamy and smooth
  5. Season with salt, pepper and juice of a lemon
  6. Spread fava bean puree over grilled crostini
  7. Place a thin layer of prosciutto on top of fava bean puree
  8. Top with crumbled ricotta salata
  9. Garnish with micro basil and drizzle with olive oil and serve

Customize Your Bar

Associating the word “bar” with exclusively alcohol is a thing of the past! Don’t forget about your underage guests when you are creating your custom drink menu. Consider placing a special “mocktail” menu on the bar! Creative drink names with vibrant colors and select beverage vessels can make even underage guests feel welcomed to on your big day! Whether it is a lemonade stand with whimsical pinwheels for your outdoor graduation party or crushed strawberry lemonade at your Valentine’s Day bash, a special drink option will wow the crowd.

Themed bars and mixing non-alcoholic beverages with alcoholic options are creative ways to give the guest control over their cocktail. Consider placing a bottle of sweet tea vodka next to your pitcher of iced tea at your next event or adding an assortment of cordials to your coffee station. When choosing a Bloody Mary, Margarita, Martini, or Sangria themed bar, surprise your guests by giving them plenty of options to customize their drink and make it a hands-on experience. Make any event one to remember with a unique “do it yourself mocktail” that will delight your guests!

How Food Vessels Can Change The Party

Anyone can go to a plated dinner or buffet and be blown away by the food that they are eating; why not exceed all expectations and make the meal visually exhilarating as well? Shy away from the basic plate and bowl and explore different ways of presenting food and beverages. Consider the theme of your event and choose vessels that will enhance the overall experience for your guests. A rustic themed get together may be transformed with skillet sized hors d’oeuvres and Mason Jar pies or an elegant dinner may dazzle using stainless steel pots and stemless martini glasses.

Although there is no science to how presentation makes your food taste better, there is something about serving a peach cobbler in miniature rustic skillet that makes the dessert playful and more exciting to devour. Consider an edible flower arrangement, arranged on skewers and propped in a creative display, it becomes a piece of art that every guest will want to eat! Be unique and search for ways to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary and playful.

J. Scott Catering Stations Event for Corporate Client in Chester County, PA J. Scott Catering Dessert Station Options Vegetarian Station Option at Corporate Event in Chester County J. Scott Catering Stations Event

Food and Drink Pairings Your Guests Will Love

Food and drink fuel your party! It is no secret that pairing the two together will help enhance the flavors of both food and beverage and will introduce your guests to combinations they themselves may have never considered. Here are some great food and drink combinations to ensure your event is the topic of conversation for years to come!

Wine and Cheese

Make a list of 4 or 5 wines you would like your guests to sample, perhaps a combination of your favorite reds and whites. Chardonnay with brie, Riesling with blue cheese and fresh veggies, or a Malbec accompanied by a hard cheese such as parmesan. The possibilities are endless when you consider the amount of bite sized treats that are almost effortless to prepare. This experience is a great way to make your cocktail hour or even dessert station a hit!

Tacos and Tequila

Tacos are a fun way to fill a tortilla shell with your favorite protein and Mexican spices. Taco bars will allow your guests to customize their meal to their taste. Offer a choice of beef, chicken, pork, seafood or vegetarian black bean filling with a selection of toppings. As guests create their masterpiece, suggest a pre-made tequila cocktail that will take their meal to the next level. Mini margarita shooters, Patron with lime or a tequila sunrise will turn this meal into a fiesta.

Burgers and Beer

The All-American favorite of burgers and beer can be transformed into an experience that your guests would have never imagined and more importantly, will find hard to forget. Sliders are a great way for everyone to try crafty burgers with their favorite beers created for the perfect pairing. Consider these great pairs:

  • Classic Beef Burger | IPA
  • Bacon & Blue Cheese Burger | Brown Ale
  • Smoked Barbeque Burger | Stout
  • Lamb Burger | Amber Ale
  • Salmon Burger | Summer Ale

The possibilities are endless when choosing to pair your food with a beverage. This playful interaction with food will keep your guests entertained and can give the host the chance to bring their personality to the dinner plate. Stuck on an idea? Let J. Scott Catering help! Our experienced staff and chefs will make your interactive food pairings an inspiring part of your event!

Juls and Steve: Part Two

As Author Brisbane once said “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” The truth is in the amazing photographs by Campli Photography at Juls and Steve’s wedding and reception, catered by J. Scott Catering.  The bride and groom used personal touches throughout the wedding to create an atmosphere full of celebration and fun that directly mirrored their sense of style.  Peacock feathers, rustic finishes and personalized miniature bottles of wine were among the small details that made this wedding a one of a kind experience for guests.  The live band and open bar kept the party going all night and made the gorgeous January night one to remember.  Thank you Juls and Steve for letting J. Scott Catering be a part of your wedding day!

unique wedding reception

long head table

campli0717 (1)

campli0797 (1)

Take a Glance at the Upcoming 2014 Wedding Trends

It is no surprise that with the New Year comes a new wave of wedding trends. While the rustic bride and the rustic backyard reception will continue to be successful this year, guests can thank Generation Y for bringing the party and technology onto the wedding scene.  You can expect a celebration bash to be happening this year as couples are taking the traditional wedding day and turning it into all night party.  All-Nighters are nothing new to this generation’s bride and groom, eager to show their guests a good time and celebrate their newly exchanged vows.  Flipping décor in their current location to set the festive mood or changing to a new venue, guests will be continuously re-energized by the constant change of scenery, cool music, and personalized cocktails.  Many couples will be encouraging their guests to make their wedding the highlight of their social media reels, Tweeting and Instagraming pictures to re-live the event for days to come.  Couples even offer charging stations so that guests phone batteries lasts far into the night.  Temporary tattoos, caricaturists, photo booths and late-night comfort foods are some of the highlighted entertainment that will keep guests smiling through to the early morning.  At J. Scott Catering, we have been serving the late night party crowd for years; offering simple gourmet popcorn, nachos and soft pretzels or tasty cheesesteaks, tacos and slider options.  Our custom-made cheesesteak grill has become an instant success that offers an experience that few can bring right to your guests.  We expect the food to continue as the entertainment so let us grill up a classic cheesesteak right before your guest’s eyes with all of the custom fixings they desire.21

Photographs by Campli Photography

The InLiquid Silent Auction and Benefit v.14

J. Scott Catering was proud to be a part of InLiquid’s Annual Silent Auction and Benefit v.14 on February 8th by donating hors d’oeuvres served to the guests.   The benefit, in memory of artist Abigail Rebecca Cohen, featured fantastic original art pieces alongside personal designed items and an arrangement of J. Scott Caterings delicious finger foods.   Our platters of Roasted Tomato Asiago Bruschetta, BBQ Hoisin Duck Spring Rolls and Roasted Pork Crostini’s where a hit with the diverse crowd of benefit supporters, art lovers, collectors and professionals as they enjoyed the exhibit of locally produced art.

2014 Bridal Showcase at the Phoenixville Foundry

The 2014 Bridal Showcase held at the Phoenixville Foundry on January 25th was a great success.  Brides from Philadelphia and the surrounding counties gathered to see the beautiful displays and upcoming trends in food, decor, technology and mementos for this year’s wedding season.  J. Scott Catering wowed the guest’s taste buds with elegant hors d’oeuvres, plated dinners, and dessert creations that were as appealing to the eyes as they were to the palate.

Pictures 011

Warm Tomato Soup
Served with Triple Grilled Cheese

food stations

Taste of Nantucket
Blue Crab Claws, Jumbo Beer Boiled Peeled Shrimp and Lobster Rolls

                                                                                                                                                            The menu featured seven main dishes that were crafted with careful design and plated in playful miniature buckets, iron skillets and stainless steel bowls.  The showcase also gave J. Scott Catering the opportunity to highlight our extremely popular late-night snack favorite, cheesesteaks created on our very own grill!

Pictures 060

Braised Short Rib
With Creamy Polenta, Crispy Onion

Pictures 021

Caramelized Banana Bread


Part 1: Juls and Steve

A very unique bride, Juls, walked down an aisle lined with candles and wine corks to the sound of beautiful Celtic music to meet her anxious groom. Her dress was a stunning handmade creation of her own which was accompanied by hand crafted projects throughout the wedding and reception areas, truly making this wedding one of a kind. Each Bridesmaid featured a peacock feather in her hair and the theme was carried over to the reception hall where the tables, a mixture of round and rectangular, were dressed with colorful cotton napkins and handmade cork centerpieces. A small sweetheart table was positioned adjacent to a large head table seating the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and the guests were surprised by yet another original wedding dress creation by the bride. This time, the cocktail length dress allowed the bride to start the party on the dance floor in style.  Check back next week for photos and more information from Juls and Steve’s big day!

Rustic Skillets with Mini Pies and Cobbler

Rustic Skillets with Mini Pies and Cobbler

Holiday Happenings Part 3

Finding common menu grounds to appease all employees can be a challenge.  With a stations event, employers can craft a menu that touches on satisfying the masses while offering specialty items to a select group.  No one should ever forget however, the incredibly important end to every event—dessert.  In this final installment of Holiday Happenings we will take a closer look at the carnivores in our midst, a dive into the sea and a sweep of the sweet treats served at the bi-annual 1,300 guest holiday celebration.

Carving Station

The carving station this year featured four different meat selections with accompanying sauces.  Whole whiskey and peppercorn beef tenderloin with roasted chestnut and wild mushroom ragout was served thinly sliced.   Pomegranate glazed turkey breast served with apple horseradish compote was a perfect ode to the season.  Coriander and fennel crusted baby lamb chop with quince chutney as well as Dijon and sage crusted pork loin with woodland mushroom ragout were unique options that enabled guests to sample something they might now have tried before or at least in that preparation.

Seafood Station 1 Seafood Station 2

A seafood station is a true treat at a work party.  Nestled in ice and decorated with cool colors, this station offers guests a variety of favorites from the ocean. Jumbo shrimp cocktail and crab claws were served with lemon wedges, cocktail sauce, horseradish and oyster crackers.

Dessert Room 1 Dessert Room 2

Last but most certainly not least the dessert and coffee room offered guests an endless supply of cakes, pastries, pies and cookies.  In this case there is no doubt that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Multi-tiered dessert stands held white porcelain trays filled with all the sweet treats.  A center table featured regular and decaffeinated coffees as well as hot water for tea and rich hot chocolate.

Dessert Room 3


We were thrilled to once again cater this splendid holiday celebration and look forward to serving them in the future. You can read the first part of the Holiday Happenings blog here and the second part here.

Holiday Happenings Part 2

The holidays are full of warmth and good times with friends and family.  They also make for a great time to celebrate the accomplishments of the year with your co-workers.  Continuing with the recap of the bi-annual 1,300 guest corporate holiday party, in this installment of holiday happenings we will delve into the pasta, sushi, hot dog and appetizer stations featured at the event.

Pasta Station Pasta Station Pasta Station

Pasta stations are a great way for guests to craft their own favorite dish with a variety of toppings, sauces and pastas.  For this event we had two separate pasta stations to accommodate the large quantity of guests.  For the pasta selection guests could choose from mini raviolis, penne, cheese tortellini and Fusilli.  Sauce choices included pesto, marinara, vodka blush sauce, Alfredo and oil and garlic.  The options were endless for guests to craft their own pasta creations with toppings including diced chicken, shrimp, crumbled sausage, prosciutto, peas, red and green peppers, asparagus tips, broccoli and Kalamata olives.  Dishes were topped with a healthy sprinkle of parmesan and Locatelli cheeses and red pepper flakes at the request of the guest.

Sushi Station

Our sushi chef Akio and his team were on hand rolling sushi throughout the event.  Offerings included tuna Nigiri, salmon Nigiri, shrimp Nigiri, tuna rolls, California rolls, cucumber rolls and Futomaki.  Customary accompaniments including wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger were on hand for enhancing the various rolls.

Hot Dog and Sausage Hot Dog and Sausage

For fun, the company always has a hot dog and sausage station.  There is something undeniably delicious about the South Philly classic Italian sausage, pepper and onion sandwich on a crusty roll and sizzling hot dog served on a potato roll with all the essential toppings.  Even with all of the other delectably delicious options, this was a hit among guests.

The appetizer station featured over 10 favorite fried items accompanied by sauces and dips. Italian meatballs and mozzarella sticks with marinara, Old Bay wings, pork spring rolls and vegetable spring rolls served with Hoisin dipping sauce to name a few.  Other items included vegetable, meat and cheese Stromboli, and scallops wrapped in bacon with horseradish dipping sauce.

This is once again only part of this expansive holiday event.  Check back again for the final installment of the telling of this one-of-a-kind event.  In the meantime, check out the first part of the event by clicking here.

Holiday Happenings Part 1

With one of the busiest seasons behind us we can now take a much needed deep breath and recap on our many holiday parties.  We started December off with a bang by catering a 1,300 guest holiday party in Audubon, PA.  Combining casual dining stations, appetizers and cocktails this bi-annual celebration of the season is certainly worth regaling in all of its glory.

Egg Nog and Apple Cider Coffee & Cocoa

As guests entered they were greeted by Charles Dickens style carol singers, apple cider, egg nog and coffee.  Once upstairs, our greeters handed out name tags and guided guests to the many avenues to food and drinks.

Antipasto Meats Antipasto Display

One of the first stops along the path was the antipasto room complete with festive holiday décor and a vast array of Italian specialty meats and cheeses. Thinly sliced Soppressata , Proscuitto, Loma, Lonza, and Coppa were displayed on large porcelain platters at varying heights to create dimension on the table.  Gorgonzola, aged provolone and marinated fresh mozzarella were nestled in porcelain wave bowls, balanced on wooden slabs to enhance the rustic appeal of the display.  Accompanying items included classic shooters, marinated sun dried tomatoes, roasted artichokes, imported olives, Po River onions, roasted red peppers, classic Bruschetta and herbed Focaccia.

Antipasto Display 2 Antipasto Display 3

Behind a triangular homemade red wine station was the make and take fajita station.  With all the classic fillings and toppings, guests were able to create their own plate with all their favorites.  The station featured marinated grilled beef and chicken topped with guests’ choice of sour cream, shredded cheese, guacamole, sautéed peppers and onions and many more options.

Fajita Station Fajita Toppings

Later on in the evening guests were treated to a one of a kind martini bar complete with an ice sculpture in the shape of the company’s logo that even contained an ice luge for chilling liquor.

Cocktail luge

With so many wonderful stations, we couldn’t possibly include everything in one blog.  Check back for our next feature on this holiday celebration.  In the meantime, follow this link to see our past blogs about this one-of-a-kind holiday event.

Foundry Five #5FAC

Phoenixville Foundry celebrated their 5th Anniversary this past weekend and J Scott Catering had the privilege of coordinating and catering this memorable event.  This was the perfect opportunity for J Scott Catering to not only showcase our talents to members of the industry in attendance, but also to honor the prestigious Phoenixville Foundry and staff for consistently raising the bar in venue excellence.


Guests enjoyed a sampling of menu items that represent the past, present and future of the Phoenixville Foundry.  Caviar served with toast points on an aspen spoon and accompanied by ice cold vodka, oysters dressed with mignonette sauce served on shaved ice with a lemon wedge and Italian-style roast pork on a pipette filled with au jus were butlered as guests arrived. Breakfast spoons that featured a fried quail egg with maple-crusted bacon and topped with Sriracha; prosciutto lobster taco cone with thinly sliced prosciutto, diced cold water lobster served with citrus salsa in a corn chip cone and a chalkboard cheese tray offering a variety of special cheeses was also served.

Cheese Tray

Roast Pork

In the Mezzanine, stationary hors d’oeuvres were displayed on our unique black ladders.  A New York Trio that featured mini Reuben’s, bagel flat with lox, and Coney Island hot dogs served on a bamboo trio plate were presented on the first ladder.  The second included mini silver crudité pails filled with various vegetables and accompanied by a roasted red pepper dip.

NY Trio

Vegetable Crudite

A variety of menu options were available to guests throughout the Cupola and West Ballroom.  Our entertaining artisanal pizza station featured live pizza tossers and four delectable pizza selections including artichoke and goat cheese, roasted vegetable, mild Italian sausage and roasted bell pepper, and arugula, fried egg and aged balsamic.



Our rustic farm stand station combined the best the earth has to offer to our guests who prefer vegetable options.  Vegetable dishes were served in mini cast iron pans with individual pot holders. The vegetarian options included goat cheese gratin, farmhouse vegetable barley soup and polenta cake with mushroom sauté, arugula, cheese, and truffle oil.

Barley Soup

Polenta Cake

Playing off Phoenixville Foundry’s past life, the schematics station featured butcher paper with drawings and directions on crafting the ideal burger.  With pre-made selections or the option to create your own, this station offered an interactive element to a classic dish.  Guests could choose between 100% Black Angus ground beef or turkey burger with the choice of three different buns, four delicious cheeses, eight tasty toppings and five optional sauces.

Burger Station

After guests sampled a diverse selection of flavors from our beautifully decorated dinner stations, desserts and coffee were offered in the Mezzanine.  Individual martini glasses filled with Chef Erin Morrison’s famous homemade cheesecake was served alongside various mouth-watering toppings from which to choose.



Along with the array of enticing dinner stations and hors d’oeuvres, guests were entertained by performances from BVT’s All About Me, music from DJ Adam Moyer of Silversound Entertainment, photo opportunities by Campli Photography and TapSnap.  Throughout the evening, guests were served our signature drink ‘Celebritinis’ from a construction worker provided by Creative Juices.

All About Me BVT Entertainment

We would like to thank the Phoenixville Foundry staff, The Hankin Group and Bob Tomasso for allowing us to coordinate a spectacular historic event.  We would also like to thank the sponsors, vendors and staff at J Scott Catering for their hard work which contributed to the event’s success.

Bob Tomasso Speech

Photos courtesy of Campli Photography. To view the full album of pictures taken by Campli Photography click on the link here. We also have some pictures and videos taken on J Scott Catering’s Instagram account! Be sure to check them out as well!


Design and Inspire at AFR Event

This past Tuesday, the 2013 AFR Showcase and Networking Tour was held at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia. J Scott Catering teamed up with South Jersey Party Rental to create some vintage contemporary samples of their elegant décor and our delicious food options. The theme of the event was “Design and Inspire”, and that’s exactly what J Scott Catering set out to accomplish. This occasion provided us with an excellent opportunity to network and showcase what we have to offer to over 200 guests in attendance.

AFR Event

As the guests arrived, they were enticed with mini chicken tacos stuffed with black bean puree and pico de gallo. Stations beautifully displayed with rustic purple décor were set up throughout the entire venue. Three skewer stations included grilled vegetable with Muhammara and toasted pita, grilled Moroccan beef with spicy chick pea sauce, and grilled Middle Eastern chicken with honey soy sour cream.

Beef Skewer                Grilled Vegetable Skewers

A braised short rib bento box display of make your own sliders was also featured which included braised short ribs, brioche slider buns, wild mushroom and arugula salad, four hour onions, fried shallots, apple jicama slaw, moody blue cheese, pickled jalapeno, roasted Brussel sprouts, and braised fennel. Three sauces were offered; horseradish sour cream, toasted Ancho BBQ sauce, and roasted shallot sage puree.

Our Slider Station

We received positive feedback about our food from guests throughout the night.  One guest in attendance told Monica, our event planner, “Your food was delicious!!! Loved the sliders…. Great presentation too!!” Another said “THANK YOU to all of our sponsors at the 2013 AFR Event Furnishings Philly Networker for the incredible job they did on Tuesday night! From the beautiful designs to the amazing catering, your hard work and creativity truly paid off and made this event a huge success! Thank you again for all that you did to create this awesome event!!!”

We would like to thank Gabe Fredericks from Philip Gabriel Photography for the beautiful photos in this blog. We would also like to thank South Jersey Party Rental for working with us to create a gorgeous display to showcase, AFR for allowing us to be a sponsor, and our hard working staff for making this event such a success!

An Elegant Autumn Wedding


This past September, Jessica and Andrew shared the most quintessential fall wedding at Radnor Hunt located in historic Chester County.  A beautiful autumn color scheme of pintuck pewter linens, ivory napkins and lush orange floral arrangements decorated the spacious ballroom.  Vows were said outdoors overlooking the breathtaking views of the rolling hills and pastures.

Table Set-up with linens

Cocktail hour followed the romantic ceremony with delicious butlered hors d’oeuvres and refreshing drinks from our full service bar.  Mini meatloaf bites with smashed potatoes and sour cream, Vietnamese chicken spring rolls with tamarind dipping sauce, sea scallops wrapped in cherry bacon, and sautéed wild mushrooms on toast with shaved cheese were served.  A cheese display consisting of an array of domestic cheese, garnished with fresh fruit and assorted flat breads and crackers was stationed for guests to help themselves.


Once cocktail hour came to a close, guests found their seat in Radnor Hunt’s autumn-themed ballroom for the first course.  A baby green salad consisting of cranberries, crumbled feta, toasted almonds, and drizzled with citrus vinaigrette served as the first course.  Three entrée choices included: grilled Coleman Ranch chicken breast with leeks and melted brie cheese fondue and pancetta; and citrus soy glazed salmon marinated in ginger butter. Both of these entrées were accompanied with an asparagus bundle tied with a carrot ribbon and our ‘simply marvelous’ mashed potatoes.  The vegetarian option included grilled eggplant with roasted onion and tomato, served over garlic quinoa and vibrant herb vinaigrette.


A personalized guest book was on display for guests to leave congratulatory remarks to the bride and groom. A table was set with disposable cameras and hilarious props for guests to capture the great memories of the reception. To top the magnificent night off, guests lit sparklers outside while Jessica and Andrew departed which resulted in some gorgeous photographs.

Guest Book

We would like to thank all the vendors, our staff at J Scott Catering and Radnor Hunt for making this amazing wedding possible. A special thank you to Brittney Kreider for providing the phenomenal photographs in this post and best of luck to Jessica and Andrew in the future!